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Artemis Communications, LLC provides strategic partnership within the disciplines of project management, marketing communications, brand management, public relations and event marketing. We are experts in creating effective communication plans, road maps and sales tools that will meet your target customer, budget and timing. Partner with us for success! For more information, contact

People Have Said

"I’ve worked with Artemis Communications over the past couple years. Amy and her team are creative, responsive and have consistently produced quality marketing materials. In our recent product launch, Amy and her team helped us develop unique digital and print tools with compelling and clear messaging."

Scott Emami Director of Marketing, Emerging Technologies at Apollo Endosurgery

"I had the opportunity to work with Amy while she managed a complicated content project involving many stakeholders for a CA-based tech client. Amy is professional, organized, and kept the project on task. She is an effective communicator and I hope we can work together again."

Stephanie Tilton B2B Content Marketing Consultant - Content that Fuels, Feeds & Fosters Connections

"Amy and I worked together at NeuroChaos Solutions. Amy was hired as a consultant to develop marketing materials for a product in development. Amy and her team at Artemis Communications were creative, shared fresh ideas, effective and produced materials in a timely and cost effective manner. Looking forward to working with Artemis Communications again!!"

Elisa Maldonado-Holmertz Director of Operations at Texas Medical Device Alliance, Regulatory/Quality Affairs at NeuroChaos Solutions

"I had the opportunity to work with Amy Shepherd for several years while she was with Stryker Neurovascular. We worked on a variety of projects ranging from advertising campaigns and product launches to complex iPad applications. Amy was always effective in managing multiple stakeholders, project milestones and budgets. She was an integral member of the team contributing creative ideas and maintaining focus on the strategic purpose of each project. Amy was always professional and was a pleasure to work with. "


Artemis Communications is a project management firm offering strategic marketing communications planning, development and production.  We partner with award-winning professionals to produce quality communications and marketing tools for large multi-billion dollar corporations to small start-ups.  We understand the challenge of creating effective communications within a competitive and regulated environment as well as restrictive budgets and tight deadlines.  We’ve honed our skills throughout years of practice and thrive in that space.  So whether your organization is looking for assistance with a communications plan or road-map, a product launch, a busy tradeshow season or just an extra pair of hands for an overloaded staff, let Artemis jump in and help you meet your goals!

Some of the thought work and tactics we assist with are listed below:

Brand Experience & Clients

Acessa Health
Apollo Endosurgery
TVA Medical
NeuroChaos Solutions
Boston Scientific
Abbott Vascular
Charles Schwab
Schwab Charitable

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Amy Shepherd, Founder and Chief Communications Officer

Amy is a seasoned project manager, marketer, and communications strategist for companies in both the private and non-profit sectors. Amy spent the first part of her career in the San Francisco Bay Area working with global brands, including Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Boston Scientific and Stryker Corporate, among others. She has a keen sense of customer communication needs and the experience to balance and deliver multiple projects at once. Amy graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ohio Wesleyan University and currently resides in the Boston metro area.


If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any questions, please contact us at

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